The official rules of the Starfish Award

  1. The recipient has fallen over and played dead
  2. Said or done something incredibly stupid
  3. Or just deserves the title of NAFA (not a footballers arsehole)
  4. Recipient must skull beer
  5. Must carry Starfish at all times around the club, including bringing in to training and game day if caught without the recipient will be fined one carton of beer
  6. If caught without Starfish in clubrooms recipient must skull beer and fined one carton of beer
  7. Everyone must pay full respect to the Starfish. It’s not to be thrown, kicked, punched, or damaged in any way
  8. If you damage the Starfish you fix the Starfish. If you lose it you replace it
  9. The Starfish award will be given out after every game by the previous recipient of the Starfish award
  10. Respect, the Starfish